Eva Christopherson - King dancer (natarajasana) pose

I first found yoga when I dropped into a class while studying at Berklee College of Music. The physicality of the practice caught my interest right away, and how light and balanced my spirit felt after class is what made yoga a consistent part of my life. Similar to playing an instrument, this practice teaches you to listen more, to stay present in the moment, and that a steady rhythm of breath can encourage whatever is in action to also flow evenly. The joy this practice gives to me is what keeps me coming back, and is what I hope students feel when they get on the mat.

Some of my training and influential teachers include:

  • 200 hour RYT Back Bay Yoga with Lynne Begier, Caitlyn Visconte, and Ryan Cunningham

  • 300 hour RYT Down Under School of Yoga with Natasha Rizopoulos

  • 100 RYT YogaWorks with Jodie Rufty

  • Om Births Pre/Post Natal training

  • YogaEd. kids yoga teacher training

  • Power of Touch mentorship with Nicole Clark

  • Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff

Each week my class themes vary on a certain body part, muscle, philosophy, and more, but the flow is always structured and aligned with space to modify and move with the breath. My intention in class is for students to listen more, and to find the courage to step out of their comfort zone while not taking it all too seriously.